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Population of Turkey

Number of Death From Heart Disease 2017)

New Diagnose – Breast Cancer (2017)

New Diagnose – Cervical Cancer (2017)

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Breast cancer acknowledgement meeting
Jan 15th. 2019 20:00
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Support group meeting – Breast Cancer
Jan 26th. 2019 20:00
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Cervical cancer acknowledgement meeting
Feb 5th. 2019 20:00 Click for reservation
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Avout Us

KronikS is a brand of SEKOYA Telecommunication, Medical, Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. The related field of the brand is health products and services.

To provide and make solutions available for the physician to make their hard job easier, save time, and help him / her to improve the quality of service. To make the patients accessible to health in a shorter time and to make the solutions accessible to prevent the recurrence of the disease

Following the new developments in the world , offering services and devices which are high quality, scientifically approved, clinical studies have been done, which has proven effectivity in the field of healthcare to the use of people in Turkey.

  • Because we love what we do.
  • Because we are someone from you.
  • Because we never offer you a solution which we personally or our loved ones use.


We Care

In our philosophy, human comes first. We believe that everyone should benefit from healthcare services equally without discriminating between the facility and the region. Our goals are idealistic, but our methods are professional.

Quality Management Policy

We are aware that quality management processes are indispensable in order for a business to be long-term and maintain its presence in the world of competition. Therefore, we carry out all the processes in our enterprise within the framework of quality management policies.

Our Background

Our management team consists of highly valued individuals who have given years to the health sector. These people, who are invited to international panels and conferences as a key note speaker because of their experiences. Each one of them is devoted him/herself to the service of the public.

Our Relation With Money

We know that small calculations and big losses are side by side. The logic of doing one-time big things and making a lot of money is not for us and we know that the customer who is satisfied with the product and service is always our natural promoters